Who is Sarah Palin?

Who is this woman from Alaska - a state faraway from Washington, D.C. - a place affectionately and proudly called “The Last Frontier” by its residents?

That’s the question most of the nation is asking as the Republican party surprised the rest of the United States and the world with its selection of Palin, the 20-month governor of Alaska, to be John McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

Is she more than just a moose-eating, gun-toting, huntress and northern beauty queen with pro-life leanings in her heart and a hammer in her hand swinging at the glass ceiling?

Ask the Republicans and they say she is breath of fresh reform-minded air, a self described “hockey mom” who took on corruption in Alaska and won.

Ask the Democrats and they say she is an inexperienced politician from a small town that doesn’t understand national and international politics.

Who’s right?

Probably a little bit of both.

But neither provide the complete story of Sarah Palin, a screen writer’s dream come true with a compelling story whether you like the plot or not. To help you gauge this newcomer on the national political scene, this site will include the following:

  • Information on Palin’s childhood and upbringing
  • A look at how her beliefs shaped who she is today
  • Interviews with people from Alaska who knew her before the VP nomination
  • A look at her public service - from PTA to city council to mayor to governor
  • The latest information about the elections and press coverage of her candidacy

Happy reading and feel free to share your Palin comments with us.

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